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Domi is well known for her cutting edge jazz combo arrangements and transcriptions. An innovator, Domi has arranged standards in new and interesting ways such as playing Nature Boy as a waltz or Spain as a jazz sextet! Two of her arrangements have been played on the KNKX radio station in Seattle by her jazz combo, and performances of her arrangements have features John Clayton, Dawn Clement, Mark Taylor, Nathan Eklund, and more! 

In addition to her jazz works, Domi also arranges to entertain. When the CWU Symphony Orchestra announced they would be playing Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony (one of her all time favorite classical works), Domi was beyond excited. However, they decided after a read through that it was too hard for the violins, so it was cut from the program. This did not deter Domi. She arranged the entire first movement for a bass duet and performed it with her friend at convocation so the entire music department and the orchestra director could hear it. With several planned shenanigans such as a coordinated (unnecessary) page turn during the grand pause and pretending to fall asleep (to be woken up by a subito forte) during the quiet part, the piece was positively received both as an impressive and musical interpretation of the piece (especially since all of those “too hard” violin lines were played on bass), and as an entertaining work.

Jazz Sextet
Bass Ensemble

Driftin' ~ Hancock

Spain ~ Corea

Recorda Me ~ Henderson

Nature Boy ~ Ahbez

Days of Wine and Roses ~ Mancini

I Mean You ~ Monk

In Walked Bud ~ Monk

Emily ~ Mandel

Fascinating Rhythm ~ Gershwin

Travelling Mercies ~ Blade

Alive ~ Hiromi

Flashback ~ Hiromi

Symphony in D Major I. Allegro ~ Sergei Prokofiev (Bass duet)

Bohemian Rhapsody ~ Queen (Bass quartet)

Beatles Medley ~ Lennon/McCartney (Bass quartet)

Jazz Band

All the Things you are ~ Kern

Like what you hear? These arrangements are available for purchase! Don't see what you want below? Commission me to arrange it!

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